Continued Education
Protect Your Investment In Handpieces Through Staff Education
Prolong the Life of Your Handpieces Through Better Maintenance

Thank you for your interest in our CE Course on Handpiece Maintenance and Repairs. ER Handpiece Repair is committed to ongoing training and education for ourselves as well as our clients. ER Handpiece Repair is a founding member of the National Dental Handpiece Repair Association, a group of independently owned and operated handpiece repair services throughout the United States. The NDHRA was formed to better serve the dental profession through initiating higher quality standards; maintaining excellent business practices; and promoting a better understanding of our industry to dental team members.

With this goal in mind, ER Handpiece Repair and the NDHRA are proud to sponsor this 3 Credit CE Course on handpiece maintenance – Anatomy of a Handpiece: Understanding Handpiece Maintenance and Repairs through Pennwell Publishing. We believe an educated client is the best client, and this course is designed to take the mystery out of handpieces for dental professionals and staff members. Topics cover handpiece performance characteristics; electric handpieces; mechanical function; and maintenance and repair tips. The course is valued at $59 per person and is available in hard copy or can easily be taken online.

If you are interested in this course, and receiving 3 CE Credits at NO CHARGE, with no obligation, use the Quick Contact form below and in the description type 3 CR Credits.

For local practices we are available to visit your office and present this basic handpiece maintenance course at your convenience.